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Westchester Fence Showroom

Come visit our King Fence Show Room, where you can see, touch, and appreciate the different fence styles to help you pick the perfect fence for your property.

If you are looking for a new fence, or want to replace your old one come visit King Fence and check out all the new styles and options you have available to you when visiting our showroom. We are conveniently located at 48 Grassy Sprain Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710.

We are your top fence company in Westchester

Below are some of our more recent fence installations. You can also check out our recent projects to view our fence picture gallery.

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King Fence Show Room

Come visit our King Fence Show Room and view, feel, and even smell what type of fence you could be calling your own! Our fence company in Westchester can help you select the best fence for your property, and the fence that will be your style needs. A great fence adds value to your property, and pleasure to everyone who views it.

At King Fence we help Westchester property owners find and install the fence of their dreams! If you would like to setup a time to discuss your fencing needs please give us a call at (914) 337-8700 or If you would like to receive a quote, or have any questions and would like to send us an email, please email us at

When property owners are looking for the best fence contractors they give us a call! There is a reason why we have been in business since 1962, and have been rated the best in craftsmanship, and customer service. Let us show you why more property owners select King Fence when they search for fence companies in Westchester County.

Discover the Ultimate Fencing Experience at the King Fence Showroom in Westchester

Are you in search of the perfect fence to enhance the beauty, security, and privacy of your property? Look no further than the King Fence Showroom, your premier destination for premium fencing solutions in Westchester County and beyond. Located at 48 Grassy Sprain Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710, our showroom offers a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of fence styles, materials, and options firsthand, allowing you to make an informed decision and find the perfect fence for your property.

Experience the Difference

At the King Fence Showroom, we believe that choosing the right fence is an important decision that requires careful consideration. That’s why we’ve created a welcoming and interactive environment where you can see, touch, and appreciate the different fence styles up close. From classic wood fences to sleek aluminum designs, from durable vinyl options to ornate wrought iron creations, our showroom features a diverse selection of fencing solutions to suit every taste and requirement.

Expert Guidance and Assistance

Not sure which fence is right for you? Our knowledgeable team of fencing experts is here to help. With years of experience in the industry, we can provide expert guidance and assistance to help you navigate the selection process and find the perfect fence for your property. Whether you’re looking for added privacy, enhanced security, or simply want to enhance the curb appeal of your home or business, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and preferences and recommend the best fencing solution to meet your goals.

Conveniently Located for Your Convenience

Conveniently located in Yonkers, NY, our showroom is easily accessible from Westchester County and surrounding areas. Whether you’re coming from Westchester, Putnam County, Rockland County, or Greenwich, CT, our showroom is just a short drive away. Simply plug our address into your GPS and head on over to explore our extensive selection of fencing options and discover the possibilities for your property.

Your Top Fence Company in Westchester

At King Fence, we’re proud to be your top fence company in Westchester, and our showroom is a testament to our commitment to excellence. When you visit our showroom, you’ll experience firsthand the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that sets us apart from the competition. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted with personalized service and expert advice, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

Visit the King Fence Showroom Today

Ready to find the perfect fence for your property? Visit the King Fence Showroom today and experience the ultimate fencing experience. Whether you’re in the market for a new fence or looking to replace an old one, our showroom is the perfect place to start your journey. Explore our extensive selection, receive expert guidance from our team, and discover why King Fence is the premier destination for fencing solutions in Westchester County and beyond. We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom and helping you find the perfect fence for your property.

Fence Companies in Pound Ridge

Fence Companies in Pound Ridge

Searching for fence companies in Pound Ridge? Unveiling the Majesty of King Fence Serving Pound Ridge, NY: Your Ultimate Destination for Exquisite Fencing Solutions.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Westchester County, Pound Ridge stands as a beacon of tranquility and timeless charm. The allure of this quaint town lies not only in its idyllic landscapes and historic significance, but also in its dedication to preserving the beauty of properties through impeccable fencing. When it comes to enhancing the allure, security, and value of your Pound Ridge property, King Fence reigns supreme. As the preeminent fence company in Pound Ridge, NY, we take immense pride in adorning the town with a diverse array of fences that mirror its elegance and magnificence.

Pound Ridge: A Glimpse into Tranquility

Pound Ridge, with its rolling hills, lush woodlands, and enchanting hamlets, epitomizes the quintessential New England charm. It is a place where history converges with modernity, and where the old-world aura harmonizes with contemporary living. The town’s commitment to maintaining its natural beauty is evident in its stringent zoning regulations that encourage responsible development and landscaping.

The true magic of Pound Ridge lies in its ability to offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of neighboring urban areas while providing easy access to the cultural riches of New York City. For property owners who treasure the serene ambiance and wish to safeguard their little slice of heaven, King Fence stands as the trusted partner in turning fencing dreams into reality.

Fence Companies in Pound Ridge

Why do most property owners turn to King Fence when searching for fence companies in Pound Ridge? Here are some of the many reasons.

Royal Selection of Fences: Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

At King Fence, we understand that each property is unique, deserving of a fencing solution that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. Our commitment to this philosophy has led us to offer an extensive range of fences, ensuring that your vision finds its perfect manifestation. Our lineup includes:

1. Wood Grain Vinyl Fences: Capturing the classic warmth of wood while embodying the low-maintenance benefits of vinyl, these fences marry tradition with modernity. With various textures and shades, they harmonize effortlessly with the natural surroundings of Pound Ridge.

2. Wood Fences: Timeless and versatile, wood fences add a touch of rustic elegance to any property. Whether you seek privacy, picket-style charm, or a custom design, our wood fences celebrate the organic beauty of wood in every grain.

3. Aluminum Fences: Exemplifying understated sophistication, our aluminum fences combine durability and refined aesthetics. They are perfect for delineating boundaries while maintaining an open and inviting ambiance.

4. Chain-Link Fences: Offering security without sacrificing visibility, our chain-link fences are available in various gauges and coatings. From residential to commercial applications, they provide a practical solution without compromising on style.

5. Full Line of Luxury Fences: Elevate your Pound Ridge property to regal heights with our luxury fence collection. Crafted with exquisite materials and meticulous attention to detail, these fences are a testament to opulence and refined taste.

Choose the Majestic Difference: King Fence

In your quest for the best fence companies in Pound Ridge, NY, your search concludes triumphantly with King Fence. With a legacy dating back to 1962, we have remained at the forefront of the fencing industry, serving as the embodiment of excellence and reliability. As a fully insured local fence company, we are deeply ingrained in the community’s fabric, understanding the unique needs and preferences of Pound Ridge property owners.

Why King Fence reigns supreme:

1. **Unparalleled Expertise**: With over six decades of experience, our craftsmen possess a wealth of knowledge and skill, ensuring that your fencing project is executed flawlessly.

2. **Customization at its Finest**: We believe that every fence should reflect the personality of its property. Our team collaborates closely with you to tailor designs that align with your vision.

3. **Quality that Endures**: From the choice of materials to the precision of installation, our commitment to quality guarantees that your fence will stand the test of time and weather.

4. **Local Legacy**: We are not just a fence company; we are your neighbors. Our dedication to Pound Ridge’s beauty and security drives us to deliver excellence with a personal touch.

5. **TriState Territory**: While Pound Ridge holds a special place in our hearts, our services extend beyond its borders to serve the entire TriState area, bringing superior fencing solutions to a wider canvas.

Fence Companies in Pound Ridge

When you envision a fence that mirrors the charm and elegance of Pound Ridge, NY, envision King Fence. With a diverse portfolio that encompasses wood grain vinyl fences, wood fences, aluminum fences, chain-link fences, and a full line of luxury fences, we are your gateway to turning fencing dreams into reality. Our legacy of excellence, community commitment, and unwavering dedication to quality make us the ultimate choice for property owners seeking the finest fence company in Pound Ridge, NY.

Contact Us Today: Your Royal Fencing Partner

Inscribe your property with the regal touch it deserves. Contact King Fence today at [phone number] to embark on a journey of enhancing aesthetics, security, and value. Let your Pound Ridge property bask in the magnificence of a fence fit for royalty. When you’re searching for the best Fence Company in Pound Ridge, NY, remember, your crown rests with King Fence!

Armonk Fence Company

Armonk Fence Company – Wood Fences

Armonk Fence Company

Are you an Armonk property owner looking for the best Armonk fence company? King Fence is the top Armonk fence company serving Armonk and Westchester County for over 50 years!

Here is a recent wood fence we have installed for one of our clients.

Armonk Fence Company
Many people love the look and warmth a wood fence brings to their property.

If you’re looking for a wood fence and you want to work with the top fence company in Armonk then give King Fence a call today or come visit our Westchester fence showroom.

We can help you select the best fence for your property based on your needs and style preferences.


Rye Fence Company Wood Fences

Rye Fence Company

Luxury wood fences installed by the top Rye fence company, King Fence.

Here is a recent wood fence project we completed for one of our clients. When Rye property owners want to work with the best Rye fence company they call us. We have been serving Rye and Westchester County for all of their fence needs for over 50 years.

Rye Fence Company

If you are in the market for a new wood fence we would love to have you come visit our Westchester fence showroom and have one of our fence experts take the time to understand your needs, and style preferences, so that you get the fence you will be happy with.

When looking for the best fence company you want to work with King Fence!

We are the top Rye fence company ready to serve you for all of your wood fence needs.